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Paris Jackson Has Been Crowned A Fashion Girl

  • 3/3/2017
  • 03:59 AM

A front-row seat at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week presentation. A glitzy Balmain outfit at the Grammys. The cover of CR Fashion Book. It looks like the stars have aligned for Paris Jackson, as the fashion world is welcoming her with open arms.
The true sign of approval? The blonde bombshell was just signed to IMG Models.

image:prom gowns

Fashionista reports that IMG's president, Ivan Bart, announced the news on Instagram. Bart posted a photo from Jackson's CR Fashion Book... veja mais

In Praise Of Bella And Gigi Hadid’s Fashion Week Sister-Style

  • 24/2/2017
  • 02:21 AM

Just one look at the line-up of a high-profile runway show during fashion week will tell you one thing: Gigi and Bella Hadid are having one hell of a moment. And the appeal is clear—aside from having the combination of enviable looks and figures to work with, the sisters have also captured the attention of the fashion world with their off-duty style.

image:Cheap Ball Dresses

Of course—obvious note: sisters not twins—they don’t have the exact same style. Gigi, still working... veja mais

Fashion shakes off minimalism at Milan Fashion Week

  • 24/2/2017
  • 02:14 AM

The fashion bus has moved to Milan and between the lurex cat-print body suit at Gucci and voluminous, fuzzy pink overcoats at Annakiki, it's safe to say this season has a sense of both the silly and the sublime to it.

image:Langa Balklanningar

Chinese designer Anna Yang made her Milan Fashion Week debut with a collection inspired by aliens at Annakiki, presenting blouson tops and coats in cheering crayon-like hues, and shiny patent pinafores paired with bolts of silver.

... veja mais

Dion Lee’s Ladder to New York Fashion Week

  • 13/2/2017
  • 06:01 AM

Making the move to New York late last year, with his design studio in tow, Lee was determined to make them sit up and listen in the same way we did.

“Creatively, I feel inspired and motivated by the challenges of starting again in a new market,” says Lee.

image:Prom Dresses 2017

Showing at Skylight in Clarkson Square on Saturday, Lee fitted in well alongside former Dior designer Raf Simons (showing his debut collection for Calvin Klein) and Marc Jacobs.

While his str... veja mais