After the start of the second quarter

  • 13/11/2017
  • 04:55 AM

After the start of the second quarter, the 76-man bench played very well Carter Rowney Adidas Jersey  Justin Anderson was very active Antti Niemi Adidas Jersey He hit the 3-pointer first and then tipped after Simmons jumper to help the 76ers. 33-32 Go-ahead score. Critical moment, Thompson hit a solid cast near the free throw line to help stabilize the Warriors. The second quarter to 10 minutes and 48 seconds, David - West defensive 3 seconds offensive Daniel Sprong Adidas Jersey 76 free throw players Luwavu - Cabalot turned out to be completely out of bed, lying in the sidelines of the Curi sight, strage smile Up

About Anderson's progress on a single defense, he actually has access to the top 100 in the league in terms of numbers, comparable to those of Paul Millsap, Shaun Livingston and Brooke Lopez. Of course, such figures on defense are not yet elite, but at least far outweighs what we expect of Anderson.

In addition to single-defense, Anderson's defensive rebounds have also improved, this season Anderson averaged 4.3 defensive rebounds, the highest for his NBA career. Although Anderson this season Tom Kostopoulos Adidas Jersey 11.8 recorded his lowest since 2011, but his progress on the defensive end has had an impact on the team.

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