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Which Android’s brand you prefer best?

  • 4/7/2017
  • 11:06 PM

  Samsung, LG and HTC are popular brands in terms of smartphones. If you are looking for a perfect Android cell phone, you can use the Google to compare their specifications. In fact, the well-known brands like LG and Samsung, they dominates nearly half of the smartphone market. These phones feature the impressive capabilities, smart design and innovation factors. Which will attract you best? In this article, I will exemplify two different models: HTC 10 and LG G5.


  Both LG and Samsung launching excellent handsets of their own these years already. Putting the metal-and-glass Samsung Galaxy S7 to one side for now, we'll be comparing the all-metal bodies of the LG G5 and HTC 10. We're putting the phones head-to-head to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. We'll be looking at the quality of their displays, their design, and camera quality, helping you make the right decision on your next smartphone.


  The LG G5 has all metal body, matching the HTC 10 in terms of overall build quality. However, it's clear which manufacturer is more skilled in making attractive metal handsets, as the HTC 10 has those beautiful chamfered edges that make the curved-off chassis of the G5 look positively dowdy by comparison. Both are easy to hold, though, and I don't feel either requires a case to make them more manageable when using them one-handed.  The G5 might not be quite as eye-catching as the HTC 10, but its unique modular design does give it several advantages over the more traditional HTC 10. Press a small button on the left-hand side of the G5. One thing the HTC 10 isn't missing out on, though, is a fingerprint sensor. Unlike the G5's rear-facing sensor, the HTC 10 has one on the front which is incorporated into the home button – much like the Samsung Galaxy S7. Personally, I find rear-facing fingerprint sensors a lot easier to use and unlock, but front-facing sensors will probably win out in the long-run, as they'll be easier to use with Android Pay once it finally launches in the UK. Trying to authorize a payment on an NFC reader, for instance, might prove tricky if you have to have your finger stuck round the back. For now, though, I much prefer the G5's fingerprint sensor, as it's not only easier to reach, but I found it was also more accurate.


  There's no denying the HTC 10 is the more attractive smartphone in this case, the G5 is also a lot more practical. Its fingerprint sensor is more convenient, and its modular design gives you the benefit of a full-metal unibody design without losing the ability to replace the phone's battery.


  The HTC 10 has a 5.2in display with a 2,560x1, 440 resolution, which gives it a pixel density of 565ppi. The LG G5 has the same resolution, but its display is a fraction bigger at 5.3in, giving it a slightly lower pixel density of 554ppi. In reality, though, you'd need some pretty sharp eyes to say one looks noticeably sharper than the other, so to all intents and purposes, both phones have equally crisp displays. It's a tight contest over which phone has the better quality screen as well. Both use panels based on LCD technology, but HTC's used one of its new Super LCD5 panels for the HTC 10, while LG's fitted the G5 with one of its Quantum IPS displays. This means that each one has a slightly different pixel structure, but the results really do come down to the wire. However, the LG G5 has a few extra features. For instance, it has a secret outdoor brightness mode to help pump up the screen's brightness when you take the phone outside in bright sunshine. The G5 also has an Always On Display, which can permanently show the time, date and battery status while the phone's in sleep mode and the main display is turned off. The HTC 10 definitely has the superior screen when it comes to quality, but the G5's always on display and extra brightness settings do give it an edge when it comes to overall practicality.


  There is no denying that the HTC 10 is a powerful phone. Both phones have truly top first-rate displays. But the LG G5 nudges ahead of HTC 10 in terms of display. It produces better shots in a wider variety of lighting condition. Personally, the LG G5 LCD screen digitizer is better than the HTC 10. If you agree with me, you will surely want to buy an LG G5 LCD digitizer. Please feel free to contact use on cellphoneage.com. 

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