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Apple refurbished iPhone 7 Plus was listed online for sale

  • 30/8/2017
  • 11:12 PM


Cell Phone Age com is a Hong Kong online shop website dedicated to refurbishing Apple products, including iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, such as second-hand or refurbished Apple devices. Today, Cell Phone Age announced the launch of its iPhone 7 Plus refurbished on its Web site. The CEO Chris Cui believes that adding the iPhone 7 plus to the list of refurbished Apple products will attract more users to Cell Phone Age.


IPhone 7 Plus is still the top specifications of the iPhone device which has a brand new dual camera sensor design. According to Apple's argument, this is Apple's so far the best of a iPhone model, and even iPhone 7 did not added the design. In addition, other upgrades on the iPhone 7 Plus are stereo speakers, waterproof performance and extended battery life.


Cell Phone Age CEO Chris Cui said that Apple has greatly improved the iPhone 7 Plus in all aspects of the use of experience, so that equipment to achieve a new degree of precision and make it the best of an iPhone device. In the middle of this year, Cell Phone Age website refurbished iPhone renovation lineup introduced this special iPhone, the company has been eager to send it to the customer hands. It is reported that the sale of the iPhone 7 Plus refurbished to provide a 365 days warranty, factory settings and the original charger.


What to take care of when buying new phone?

As the mobile phone replacement speed is very fast, resulting in on mobile phone market there are a lot of refurbished mobile phones, cottage mobile phones and so on, which also brings consumers many problems when to buy new phone. With the coming of back to school season, a student for him to replace a new phone is also a relatively happy thing. But when buying a cell phone must be careful to avoid buying low quality mobile phone. In general, the more popular mobile phone appears the greater probability of low quality and fakes, and many non-official refurbished mobile phones are mostly appear in the parallel market, which is due to parallel imports are often listed in foreign countries earlier than domestic, and because of more supply, it’s compared difficult for consumer to make identification. In this article before the start new school, Cell Phone Age would like to introduce what to pay attention to when in purchase of refurbished iPhones and second-hand phones. If you have recently plans to buy a mobile phone, I believe this article will help you get away from traps.


Differences between refurbished Apple’s iPhone and second-hand iPhone?

Apple introduced product price is generally high, for many users, to buy cheap Apple products, then only consider the purchase of second-hand version. But on second-hand market products are not guaranteed, after a short period of time they may be damaged after purchase. Or inside the mobile body parts were replaced by low quality. In fact, Apple is providing the official refurbished products. Then what are the differences between Apple's refurbished iPhone and second-hand?


Aftermarket difference

General when buying second-hand products, we are most worried about the hardware itself whether with some problems, because in general the appearance of old or new has not much relationship with inner hardware. On second-hand products, the most prone to the problem is the hardware was replaced. So that what we bought is a cottage second-hand products, aftermarket without any guarantee. The Apple's official refurbished iPhone is by Apple's factory maintenance products for rigorous testing and certification, and attached to one year of warranty. That is, even if your product runs a problem after purchase, you can also enjoy the Apple's maintenance (warranty) service.


What is new on refurbished iPhone

On Apple’s refurbished devices, the battery will be replaced into brand new, unless Apple specifically indicates that the product power is worse than normal, otherwise it will put on a new battery cell, so users do not have to worry about battery life of Apple’s refurbished iPhones. On the contrary, the second-hand products on the market, because there is no replacement of the battery which may have been used for more than a year, so the durability must be low. Although warranty is verified, after the battery is damaged, it can’t be replaced into a new battery on free.


The price

Apple's refurbished products, even to the latest models, the price will be lower than the original new phone, about the 80% of new one. A second-hand product on the market price varies, but Chris Cui from Cell Phone Age believes that the advantages of refurbished iPhones far are more than second-hand. On electronic products, when considering of purchase price is not the only standard, whole more should be considered is cost-effective. This natural law applies to all product purchase standards.


Apple mobile phone update cycle is about 1 year, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is Apple's latest flagship mobile phone, conforming to the trend of big screen. But they also brought the problem of one hand operation inconvenience. In contrast, the previous generation flagship mobile phone iPhone 5s with drawback of small screen, the resolution is relatively low, but one hand operation is very easy. More over the price is cheaper than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the current mobile phone market there are a lot of refurbished iPhone 5s on sale online, those who are sensitive to price can consider it.

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